A Reunion

Charles Ford Band

1. The Cotton Creeper
2. Help The Poor
3. Kiddeo
4. 40 Days And 40 Nights
5. That Will Never Do
6. Lookin' For A Woman
7. Dance With Me

IT HAD BEEN ABOUT TEN YEARS since the Charles Ford Band had broken up when our father, the real Charles Ford, died. I talked to Robben and Mark about getting the band back together to perform at the San Francisco Blues Festival and a few clubs, record the shows, and release a record dedicated to Dad.

Shortly after these recordings were released as the first Blue Rock'It Records LP, all the tapes were stolen. After nine years of searching, the1/4 inch masters were discovered in a garage, damaged by years of neglect. We have taken those tapes and produced the best possible performance. We hope you enjoy it.



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