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Blue Rock'It Blues Revue

Blue Rock'it Blues Revue Over the years many record companies have put together packages featuring several of their artists in one big show. The Blue Rock'It Blues Revue is without doubt the most powerful and entertaining such package since the old Stax/Volt Revues of the 60's.

The Blue Rock'It Blues Revue features some of the most talented and creative of the modern blues musicians working the idiom today. They are all rooted in a respect for, and understanding of, the blues tradition provided by the masters. Most have spent serious time touring and recording with many of the blues greats. However, they are also committed to the blues as a living art form that not only allows for creativity, but demands it. These are not blues clones, rather, they are blues innovators and proud to be such.

Whether it is the undeniable blues mastery of the voice or guitar work of Chris Cain, the creativity and finesse of the harp wizardry of Mark Ford and Andy Just, the pedal-to-the-floor energy of the Ford Blues Band, the completely unique writing and guitar playing of Michael Osborn, or the modern fusion of jazz and rock into the blues work of Garth Webber, each of these craftsmen always gives one hundred percent to make each performance feel fresh, have value, and provide the listener with an experience that they will remember.

With a rhythm section driven by the high energy drumming of Patrick and Gabriel Ford, coupled with the imaginative bass playing of Dwayne Tate, the stage is set to present each of the featured artists in an environment that demands their most serious efforts, and in fact that is exactly what they give.

Although these are studio recordings, they were done with the live performances in mind. Every effort was made to have this release be as representative of a live Revue show as possible, more concerned with the energy and spirit of live performace than with avoiding any and all mistakes. A final bonus is that most of the songs recorded for this release have not been previously recorded by the artists, providing the listener with as fresh an experience as possible.


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