Cain Does King

Cain Does King

Chris and I have been talking about doing this CD for years. We have recorded many CD's together, but for one reason or another the timing was never right for this tribute to B.B. King. When I approached Chris about starting work on his new release we both knew that now was the time.

From the start we were more excited than either of us had been in a long time. Just picking which songs to do was great fun. Listening to all the old LPs brought back wonderful memories of B.B. as a young, dynamic performer, and of the class, character, and enthusiasm for music he maintained as he matured.

1. Heartbreaker
2. Whole Lot Of Lovin'
3. Better Not Look Down
4. Gamblers' Blues
5. I'm Gonna Do What They Do To Me
6. I'm Gonna Quit My Baby
7. Take It Home
8. I'm Going Home
9. House Rocker
10. Lookin The World Over
11. So Excited
12. Hummingbird

As for the songs, we selected material we thought would give a good representation of B.B. over the years. Songs were chosen from recordings done from the "50's" through the "70's" and we purposely tried to stay away from his signature songs. Whether it was the nuts and bolts instrumental "House Rocker" or the very produced "Take It Home", B.B. is comfortable doing it all. Chris always respected B.B.'s willingness to step outside the box and so the decision was made to show that in the material we selected.

For Chris this project was as satisfying as paying a long overdue debt. Whether it's his note for note reproduction of B.B.'s intro guitar on the first two verses of "Gamblers Blues" or his very contemporary sounding solo out on "Better Not Look Down", Chris makes it very clear B.B. King is the master at whose feet he studied. With this CD Chris gets a chance not only to acknowledge his debt to B.B. but also to say thanks for all the wonderful music.

As I listened to Chris' playing and singing during these sessions, with a spirit and enthusiasm equal to his admiration for the man whose songs he was performing, I found myself remembering another great guitar player who was also in awe of B.B. King. I was recalling the words of Michael Bloomfield during an interview several years before his sad death. When asked about the blues greats, Bloomfield said, "Muddy Waters was like a god man but B.B. King was a deity."

- Patrick Ford

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