Gabe Ford

"Gabe Ford"

1. Wish4

2. Too Much
3. Running
4. Sometime Love
5. Newborn
6. Watcha
7. Never Say No
8. The Yob
9. Beam Town
10. Hell No
11. You Call It
12. The Outs

A new generation of Fords has arrived with this new Blue Rock'It CD by Gabe Ford. The son of Patrick, Gabe worked in the San Francisco Bay Area with all types of bands playing all kinds of music. He honed his blues chops working with Chris Cain, Mike Osborn, Mark Ford, Garth Webber, and others. He recorded with Cain and Osborn and wrote and sang "Be Careful What You Wish For" on the Ford Blues Band Another Fine Day release.

While much of Gabe's musical career has been as a drummer and singer, on this release Gabe's talent as a singer/songwriter comes to the forefront. All but two songs are Gabe Ford originals. In addition, Gabe plays keyboard and guitar on many of the tracks. Backing up Gabe on the CD are family and friends well-known to Blue Rock'It fans. Robben and Mark Ford make appearances as does Chris Cain. Dewayne Pate plays bass on all but two tracks. The material is definitely not your typical blues fare. It may prove to be a bit too far astray for some. But, that has often been said about the Ford Family. Seeing Gabe continue the family style on his new CD should come as no surprise.

Producer: Gabe Ford

Musicians: Gabe Ford, Robben Ford, Mark Ford, Dewayne Pate, John R. Burr, Chris McGee, Joe Colgan, Chris Cain, John Bennett, Rodney Dethridge

Engineering: Mathew Stamos, Thomas Hughes, Marcus Buick

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