Got Harp If You Want It

Got Harp If You Want It

"This project is dedicated to the memory of Ralph Shine. Though he died in his early thirties, Ralph had become one of the most powerful of West Coast players. Those who had the pleasure of hearing him play will not forget his strength, creativity and enthusiasm.

"Since the "Blues Revival" of the 60's, the West Coast has been home to many of the best U.S. harp players. Some moved West from other parts of the country, notably Charlie Musselwhite and Rick Estrin. Many, however, were born and raised there. But no matter where the roots, the end results were the same. Quality, creativity, and high energy are evident throughout.

1. That's That - Rick Estrin
2. Don't Boss Me - Rick Estrin
3. Bombshell Baby - Mark Hummel
4. Sundown Blues - Charlie Musselwhite
5. Keep On Rubbin' - Charlie Musselwhite
6. Mojo Man - Dave Wellhousen
7. Steady - Paul Durkett
8. Give Me Back That Wig - William Clarke
9. Highway 51 - Charlie Musselwhite
10. Summertime - Mark Ford
11. Temperature - Ralph Shine
12. Getting Back On The Tracks - Ralph Shine

"Though many of the players in this collection are household names in the blues community, others are relative unknowns. Popularity was not the deciding factor as to who was included in this issue. The desire was to show the variety of blues styles which have evolved on theWest Coast, and to open the listeners minds and ears to different possibilities.

"The material was recorded in many different studios and formats over the last several years. Though there are differences in quality of different tracks, we believe that the listener will be quite satisfied with the end results. If it's blues harp you want, sit back and enjoy!

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