Mark Ford

Mark Ford & The Blue Line

"Mark is on the cutting edge and is taking the harp into unknown territory, blazing a path that few will ever be able to follow. In all my 43 years, I have never heard any harpman do such a tasteful blend of blues, rock, and jazz."
- Steve Harvell

"Mark is a new Little Walter."
- Muddy Waters

"Technically speaking, [Mark Ford] is right up there with the best in the business. Great tone and plenty of hot licks. If... these guys made a video and booked on Letterman, everyone would get rich."
- Doctor Dave Nicks, Music City Blues

1. Gimme Some
2. Try'n To Get Away
3. Get A Woman That Loves Me
4. Illusory World
5. Heart Of Stone
6. Words Of The Preacher
7. Breakin' In The Fast Lane
8. Don't You Love Me
9. Feelin' Disconnected
10. Projecting My Love
11. Wanna Be The Man

"Like meteorites flashing across the dark night sky, each one hurtles toward death, gracefully embracing the impermanence of existance. One should smile, love, and care."
- Mark Ford

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