In Memory Of Michael Bloomfield

The Ford Blues Band with Robben Ford & Chris Cain

This is the second half of the Ford family tribute to the two men who had the biggest impact on who they were to become as modern blues artists. The first was their highly acclaimed "Tribute To Paul Butterfield cd", released one year ago. Now, along with the addition of Chris Cain who also claims Bloomfield as one of the two or three men to most influence him, we have the "In Memory Of Michael Bloomfield" release. Upon completion of this one, Patrick Ford, leader of the Ford Blues Band, producer of the project, and brother of Robben and Mark Ford said, "Well, it is done. We gave it our best shot and we feel very proud of it. After all these years it was such a joy to find ourselves making these two cd's. We were playing some of those songs that used to make us laugh and cry and wonder at the greatness of these two men and the musicians who worked with them. No matter what others might think or say, we can hold our heads way up and know we did our best to give our respect and recognition to these two great modern blues men who to our minds have never received the accolades they deserve."

1. Interview*
2. Killing My Love
3. 59th Street Bridge Song -
(Feelin' Groovy)
4. Stop
5. Next Time You See Me
6. Interview
7. I Got A Mind To Give Up Living
8. Interview*

9. Groovin' Is Easy
10. Peter's Trip
11. The Ones I Loved Are Gone
12. It's About Time
13. Jimi The Fox
14. Mary Ann
15. Interview*

16. Blues With A Feeling
17. Interview*

18. Blues For MB




NOTE * There are interview segments between Michael Bloomfield and Dan McClosky before song #1, song #6, song #8, song #15 and song #17. Very special indeed!!


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