Webber & Ford

On The Edge

Garth Webber and Mark Ford first recorded for Blue Rock'It Records as members of the Ford Blues Band. They have each recorded solo projects for this label. On this release they are back together again and it is the best of both worlds. Webber and Ford are both great songwriters and the material on this release is all original. Though the material comes from a blues base, it definitely pushes the limits and it is right ON THE EDGE.


1. It's A Feeling
2. Lookin' For You
3. Passionate Armenian
4. Talk To Me
5. Low Moon
6. Hot & Cold
7. Black Hearted Woman
8. Let It Go
9. Grace
10. I've Got My Feet On The Ground
11. Treat Me Like A Man
12. Pink Time

Garth Webber


Mark Ford

"On The Edge"

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