Robben Ford & The Ford Blues Band

For years now I have been performing and recording with a number of different blues artists. During that time I began to get ideas of my own as to what I thought would make for a good modern blues band. As I produced more and more projects for Blue Rock'It and other labels, these ideas became clearer. Finaly, I decided that it was time to call together Ronnie, Mark, and Garth to help me develop my Ford Blues Band concept.

With no rehearsals, in just a little over twenty hours, we had completed this project. Everyone contributed to make the most of my basic ideas. Several of the songs were done in one take and we recorded it all as live as possible. A couple of these songs are Mark's, and a couple are pretty

1. Shuffle For Walter
2. Parchman Farm
3. Self Preservation
4. Mojo Boogie
5. Down In Mississippi
6. Blues Are Back
7. One Way Out
8. Take Out Some Insurance
9. Too Late
10. Alabama March
11. Crying For My Baby
12. I Gotta Know
13. Can't See You
14. Cadillac Walk

much straight ahead. "Insurance" is actually an arrangement by my brother Robben Ford. And then there were the special efforts of Garth, who not only played guitar but engineered at the same time.

All in all, I am quite happy with the final product and I hope that those who isten to it will enjoy it as well.

- Patrick Ford

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