The Ford Brothers


1. Mellow Down Easy
2. Another Fine Day
3. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
4. Nothing to Nobody
5. Tired of Talkin'
6. Feelin' Disconnected
7. Up From The Streets
8. Lovin' Cup

Produced by Patrick Ford
Co-produced by Peter Berkow
Recorded at the Sierra Nevada Brewery by Pro Sound Audio Services
Engineer - Dale Price
Mixed at the Plant Recording Studios, Sausalito, CA
Mix Engineer - Enrique Gonzalez-Muller
Mastered at Kenneth Lee Mastering
Engineer - Ken Lee
Design & Photography - James McCaffry

With those unfamiliar with The Ford Brothers, they grew up in Ukiah, a small lumber town in Northern California and were playing in bands together before leaving high school. Robben and Patrick joined up with Charlie Musselwhite after leaving school. After a year or so touring and recording with Charlie they left to start a group named after their father and were joined by their youngest brother Mark.

The band was the Charles Ford Band and though it only existed about a year it made a big impression on the west coast blues scene and received praise from the likes of Muddy Waters and Elvin Bishop. Chess Records even offered them a recording contract to record with Muddy, an event which never happened as the band broke up shortly after that. In 1972, several months after the breakup, they got back together and recorded what has become a modern blues classic for Arhoolie Records that still sells CDs.

Though the brothers went their own ways they all stayed involved in music on one level or another. Robben Ford gained the greatest recognition of the three brothers with his solo work in the jazz and blues fields as well as with his work with other artists like Jimmy Witherspoon and Miles Davis. Several Grammy nominations have come his way.

Patrick founded Blue Rock'It Records to record artists he felt were being ignored. Artists like Charlie Musselwhite, Brownie McGhee, and Chris Cain are among those careers were aided or even revitalized by Blue Rock'It. He then formed the Ford Blues Band to remain an active musician himself and the band records and tours internationally.

Though Mark, the youngest of the three, has chosen to remain somewhat inactive through the years, he is without a doubt one of the greatest harp players on the blues scene. He has recorded several releases for Blue Rock'It using Robben and the Blue Line for the band. These have been best sellers for the label.

"Center Stage" release is another example of The Ford Brothers getting together to have some fun and make some great music .... Ford Style and Family Style.

Special thanks to all the wonderful people at Sierra Nevada Brewery for all the help.

This concert is part of their PBS series called "Sierra Center Stage" which is showing nationally. The plan is to release the concert on DVD sometime in 2005.

~ Patrick Ford


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