A Tribute To Paul Butterfield

Robben Ford & The Ford Blues Band

These recordings were done to pay tribute to Paul Butterfield and to the great Butterfield bands he led. Mark, Robben and I wanted to say thanks to the man who, maybe more than any other, helped each of us to define who we as musicians would become. The complete joy we had in making these recording is, I think, evident in each track as is our reverence for Paul Butterfield the musician, band leader, and modern blues innovator.

In the making of this recording a real effort was made to choose songs from Butterfield's first seven releases that would demonstrate both the style and diversity of the man and the bands. While we tried to stay fairly close to the original arrangements we did, in the best of Butterfield traditions, allow

1. Screamin'
2. One More Heartache
3. Last Hopes Gone
4. Goodmorning Little School Girl
5. No Amount of Loving
6. Mary Mary
7. Work Song
8. In My Own Dream
9. Buddy's Advice
10. All These Blues
11. Tollin' Bells
12. Everything's Gonna Be Alright

ourselves room to be creative.

Paul Butterfield was both a great blues harp player and an exceptional blues singer. He was the creator of some of the greatest of the modern blues bands and a list of the various members of his bands reads like a whose who of modern blues. Though his knowledge of and respect for the blues idiom is apparent in all of his recordings so too is his innovative genius. His ability to make an old song sound so new and vibrant, or to take a new song and make it sound so old and familiar was a skill that none has surpassed.

Paul Butterfield was the consummate blues man and though he died young he left a legacy that few can rival.

-Patrick Ford

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