The Dance Goes On

Volker Strifler remains one of northern California's most exciting and talented guitar players. His first CD, Volker Strifler Band, drew praise and critical acclaim from both blues musicians and blues publications alike. On this CD, Volker takes his musicianship and song-writing skills to another level. The Dance Goes On shows Volker's deep understanding of the blues traditions. If you are a Volker Strifler fan, you will not be disappointed. For Volker, the long-awaited CD is a personal achievement because it combines his bands from Germany and the United States. Truly, this CD is a "global" one, one that shows Volker is well on his way to greatness.

"This CD is the realization of a dream I have had for a long time: to bring together the musicians I work with on two continents. I am grateful to all of them for sharing their talents and friendshipw with me to make this project happen. Special thanks go out to Patrick Ford, the staff at Prairie Sun, K&M Analog Design, Harry Cale at Route 44 Studios, Andrew, Brent, and John at Georgetown Masters, everyone who supports live music everywhere."
--- Volker Strifler


The Dance Goes On

Somebody Help Me*
Soul Salvation
On a Day Like Today
Wake Up
Listen to the Rain*
Sometimes I Wonder
Downtown Living

All songs written
by Volker Strifler except "Spoonful" and "Evil," written by Willie Dixon. "Sometimes I Wonder" written by Volker Strifler with help from Sandy and Claudia Wollasch

Volker Strifler Band
Volker Strifler Guitars, Vocals
Claus Bubik* Bass (electric and upright)
Stefan Bollack* Drums & Percussion
Gary Silva Drums & Percussion
Don Bassey Bass
David Shrader Sax
Carl Bowers Trombone
Chip Roland Organ, Piano
Tom Poole (special guest) Trumpet

Producer: Volker Strifler
Engineers: Matthias Hautsch, Get It Studios; Timin Murray and Jason D'Ottavio, Prairie Sun Recording Studios

Mixing: Timin Murray, Prairie Sun Recording Studios, except Constantine, mixed by Oz Fritz
Mastering: Georgetown Masters
Design & Photography: James McCaffrey, FotoGrafis

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