Gabe Ford

Born into a musical family, Gabe is the next in a string of talented individuals from the family Ford. His father, Patrick Ford, and his two uncles, Robben and Mark Ford, have had very successful careers in the music business. Now Gabe, with the complete support of his family, is stepping out to show what the next generation has to offer.

The Ford family circle has included many talented friends including Charlie Musselwhite, Chris Cain, John Lee Hooker, Mike Osborn, Brownie McGhee, Luther Tucker and many other musicians. Growing up in this environment Gabe had the opportunity to hang out with and learn from them all. From infancy, Gabe was raised in a home full of many kinds of music. Miles Davis, BB King, James Brown, and everything else from Bach to the Beach Boys were played on the family stereo while Gabe was growing up. His parents made sure he got to see concerts by the likes of Ray Charles, BB King, and the Yellow Jackets. It was a very nurturing situation for a young boy and Gabe soaked it up.

Though much of Gabe’s musical efforts during his twenties were spent working with very modern rock/R&B styled bands (he released two CDs with a group called 008), he kept his hands involved in the blues idiom as well. Over the last several years Gabe recorded and toured with Chris Cain, Mark Ford, Michael Osborn, and the Blue Rock’It Blues Revue. He also had several of his original songs recorded by the Ford Blues band, Larry Carlton, and Robben Ford.

For his first Blue Rock'It release, "Gabe Ford," Gabe's goal was to combine his many musical influences into one solid, cohesive, “roots” based recording. He wrote all but two of the songs and he sings, plays drums, keys, and guitar throughout. He is also joined on this effort by many members of that same “Ford family circle,” all of whom appreciate Gabe as both a musician and a songwriter but even more importantly, as family.

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