Robben Ford - Robben's personal website where you can find information about Robben, his releases, and tour dates.

NiteCry - Get in touch with Rene Solis, founding member of NiteCry and get updates about the band.

Chris Cain - Want to know more about Chris Cain? Check out his personal website.

CrossCut Records - A fine German company that licenses Blue Rock'It products for Europe. They also have a top end blues mail order catalog with an extremely large blues selection.

Blue Wave Records - Blue Wave Records is an East Coast modern blues label doing a good job covering their region.

Notodden Blues Festival - Want to go to a great blues festival? The Notodden Blues Festival in Norway and puts on one of the best all around festivals you could ever ask to attend. Save your money and make this a summer vacation.

Garth Webber - Garth was the original guitarist in the Ford Blues Band. He also engineered many of the Blue Rock'It Releases through his recording studio, Red Rooster Studio. Check it out!

Feeling Good Productions - Our European booking agent. For information about booking the Ford Blues Band, contact Tano Ro: info@feelinggoodproductions.

Music Land - Our European CD distributor. A number of Blue Rock'It CDs can be purchased and downloaded from this site.


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